Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review: The Fiddler's Gun

It's been a while since I've picked up a book that made me want to write a review. I've spent a lot of time comparing everything I read to Twilight, and since I'm so in love with Edward Cullen, it's been hard for anyone else to measure up. To find great reading, I had to break free from vampires and try something else - something totally different. I went back to my "old faithful." Historical fiction is a genre I hold near and dear to my heart. The Fiddler's Gun didn't let me down.
The book is written by A.S. Peterson, the brother of one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriters, Andrew Peterson. I have to be honest - I thought A.S. Peterson was one of Andy's pen-names. Despite that misconception, I was captivated by this beautiful and refreshing story, and I am amazed that this is the author's first novel.
When a man writes a book with a female as the protagonist, you can't ever be sure of the end result. I was so pleasantly surprised and entranced by the character, stamina, and depth of Fin's persona. The story begins before America reaches the brink of revolution from Britain. Fin's character develops from childhood to womanhood, and the reader lives this transformation. She is such a believable individual, and I immediately felt a connection with her temper. (There may be a few people who think I happen to have a short fuse.) I don't want to give away the plotline, so I won't go into detail. However, it was a phenomenal read. I'm sometimes tempted to skim through sections of some stories, but I read each word of this tale. I'm very much looking forward to getting my hands on the sequel, Fiddler's Green